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As we buy complete U.S. philatelic libraries in addition to the books and pamphlets we also get the journals, auction catalogs, show programs and at times even original research notes and manuscripts.

Dealing in the books is relatively straight forward as most titles only have a few printings and states. A new acquisition only requires a few minutes to identify and check for defects prior to cleaning and adding to stock.

The journals and auction catalogs are complex. Many of these span a long period with hundreds and even thousands of different items being issued in various formats. The time required to sort such material and the space to stock it are considerable cost considerations. In purchasing such material we must check to make sure the rare or expensive items are present and then estimate the value of the rest. On stocking the purchase we give it only a quick initial sort by journal and period. Once there is a prospective customer for a long run and have determined the requirements we proceed with the details.

Some Journals are also under Assundry

China Clipper

magazine bound copy are complete from Vol. 1 (1936) to Vol 66( 2002) 24 Bound Books All originals and not reprints (2002 - 2022) not bound, $2,700.00 delivered to US mailing address

George Alevizos

California, 10 uniformly hard bound volumes. No 1 (1986 ) to No. 118 (June 2002) No 1 through 95 hard bound, except No. 72-76 not bound No. 96 - 118 are not bound except No 102, 103, 105 & 106 are hard bound presentation copies three small format sales (1976) and a few net priced one, folder of prices realized are included, $725.00 delivered to a US mailing address

The London Philatelist, Archival Edition 1892-2012

All 121 volumes of the journal excluding advertising, 20,000+ articles. A major world philatelic journal of the first quality. All digitized and set up to be searched, on DVDs (not CDs) so they will run on most PCs but NOT on a MAC even if it has a PC emulation, self loading installation, 2 DVDs in all, published at £90, enquire before ordering, $205.00, sold out

The London Philatelist, Archival Edition 1892-2005

All 114 volumes of the journal excluding advertising, 20,000 articles. On CDs, they will run on most PCs and MAC if having PC emulation, uses an Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files, one self loading installation CD, 12 CDs in all. priced for UK, £185, sold out

Club de Monte-Carlo 2013

Milestones of the Philatelic Literature

of the 19th Century

by Wolfgang Massen and Vincent Schouberechts

This book was published by the Club de Monte-Carlo for the 2013 exhibit. An exceptional work on the early and major philatelic literature, the books, authors and publishers, with an emphasis on the early works dealing with forgers and forgeries. It is both detailed, authoritative and enjoyable to read.The only comparable study to date is the Crawford Index and the series by Dr.Manfred Amrehein. I consider it an exceptional work and not hurt too much by my small contribution. In English and French, full color, 512 pages, large format, published at €60 (we believe half the production costs), limited stock, $175 plus our standard $4 part postage and for foreign plus actual postage.

Sweden in Philately Up To 1920

edited by Jonas Hällström

A companion volume by the Club de Monte-Carlo 2013 to the above literature one but covering Sweden, in English and Swedish, full color, 279 pages, large format, published at €60, limited stock, $100 plus our standard $3 part postage and for foreign plus actual postage.


The Penny Post, Journal of the Carriers and Locals Society, a complete run from No. 1 in January 1991 to No. 102, April 2018, an exceptional journal in the class of The Chronicle but much scarcer, new condition $550.00 delivered to a US address, sold

American Philatelic Periodicals by Chester M. Smith Jr.An indispensable listing of the 1,000s of American Journals that have appeared over the last 100 years, name changes, etc., 1978, 79 pages, card, $27.50, sold out

Index to Harry Hayes Auctions

Index to Harry Hayes Philatelic Literature Auctions by Raymond Price The master indexing of Harry Hayes auctions of philatelic literature. Harry was the most prolific auctioneer of philatelic literature to date: 64,800 lots sold in 88 sales from 1960 to 1986, perhaps 10,000 titles and 50,000 realizations in all. We offer computer disks of Vol 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 as 3½ for the IBM PC's at $15.00 per volume or $70.00 for the set. The data is present in two files with identical content. One in ASCII with tabs between each sell so it can be used in a word processor or converted into a data base.

The Postal History Journal, Postal History Society, New York

American Revenuer, An exceptional run complete from Vol 9, No. 10, whole no 80, 1955 through Vol 58, Not, Nov-Dec 2004, wholes number 550, complete except for a few from the last few year, a few before 1955, excellent condition, sold

Postal History International, by W. E. Proud, UK, Complete Vol 1, No. 1 Jan 1972, through Vol 9, No. 6, July 1980, also a few of the PH auctions An excellent work, second only to RL, $425.00

AMERICAN JOURNAL of PHILATELY, Second Series , Scott Stamp and Coin Co., New York. A scholarly journal spanning 1888-1906, complete set, 19 volumes, title page and index for each volume, sold

Billig's Books

The Billig's books are often quite confusing as there are at least four different series that go by similar titles. This listing is intended to give a working understanding of the series and perhaps eventually to be a definitive listing.

Billig's Philatelic Handbook

The basic series, Vol 1 - 44 with the early ones existing with differing contents, most volumes contain a number of different and often unrelated articles.


Individual Volumes: Billig's Handbook on Postmarks Billig's Specialized Catalog Expert Billig's Großes Handbuch der Fälschungen

A series of at least 44 booklets, in German, published in Austria on forgeries by Otto E. Stiedl and Fritz Billig, between 1933 and 1938.

Expert Billig's Grsses Handbuch der Falschungen, please see the forgery section on our web site for details. A run of 35 of the 45 issued complete except for No. 1, 3, 6, 9, 19, 21, 23-26, & 45, housed in a custom clam shell box with room for the issues, $925.00

Booklets found bound together by the publisher

Loose booklets, only one of each available

PHILATELIC GAZETTE, Nassau Stamp Co., New York A scholarly journal spanning the 1910-1918 period containing many fine articles on US, CSA and Foreign stamps that still have not appeared in any other form. The staff is a who's who of scholars: Philip Ward, Van Dyk MacBride, Dr. Carroll Chase, Victor Berthold, H.C. Needham, etc. etc. Complete sets; please enquire for details

Post Scripts, La Posta: A Journal of American Postal History complete Oct 1982, No. 77 through Jan 1996 No. 156, sold


Journal of the U.S. Philatelic Classics Society, the major current journal for classic US stamps, Covers, Maritime, etc. The society now has a version of the journals on line but the serious collector should maintain a run of the printed versions for easy study.

We can customize these runs but in essence the price is determined by the scarce and rare issues such as No. 45 and not the quantity

Annotated Cumulative Subject Index to the Chronicle of the U.S. Classics Postal Issues, Journal of the U.S. PHILATELIC CLASSICS Society for Issued 1 - 200, by Joseph J. Geraci., An exceedingly detailed work covering virtually any imaginable facet for an item in the journal, complete with a searchable CD. Invaluable for any collector of the US Classics. Information is only of value if you can find it and this magnificent work makes it possible; search a stamp, a town, etc.

Every marking shown on a cover as with the address is in the Geraci index and also the advertising showing covers; this material is not indexed in the on-line USPCS index.

Edition limited to 200 copies, 2007, 591 pages, card, with searchable CD, $75.00

The Stamp Specialist

THE STAMP SPECIALIST, H. L. Lindquist, New York Twenty volumes in paper case binding cover many facets of philately, all fine serious articles on stamps and postal history. The US and CSA articles have been reprinted but the rest has not. These stray copies of the Stamp Specialist are in normal used condition. As this series is published in paper case hard binding blunted corners and some fading is to be expected, the paper has yellowed with time. Copies with more serious spine problems are designated SP and available at 50% of the usual price. If you want VF+ to near Mint condition we suggest a complete set but we will check our stray copies and advise what is available.

Severn - Wylie - Jewett Co.

Small booklets, each numbered but not dated, The Series

Fred J. Melville

The little stamp books, 4.25 x 6.25, published by Melville Stamp Books, 47 Strand London, in 1910-1920's

Fred J. Melville, published by Baldwin

J Barefoot Forgery & Reprint Guides Weekly Philatelic Gossip, Denison, then Holton, Kansas

Stuart Rossiter Postal History Journal

Published by the Stuart Rossiter Trust Fund of the UK, a quality journal devoted to postal history, mostly GB and the Empire.


POST SCHRIFT P.S. the house organ of a Gatherin', the issuance of Robert Dalton Harris and Diane De Blois. This is one of the few current philatelic house organs of any real interest. It ranks between Elliott Perry's PAT PARAGRAPHS and Herman Herst's OUTBURST. It covers the authors' broad interest with articles on telegraphy, pneumatic posts, use of official records to the lighter side of philatelic chicanery and cover 'art'. if you can say art!

PAT PARAGRAPHS by Elliott Perry

A original series of 58 card covered booklets issued from 1931 to 1958 containing much date on classic U.S. stamps and especially the locals and carriers. No 1 - 17, scarce and are often not available, por Supplement to No. 32, 4 pages, self cover[not available]

PAT PARAGRAPHS arranged by George Turner and Thomas Stanton A reprint of the 58 booklets arranged by subject. 1981, 648 pages, cloth, reprint of the 58 booklets, $85.00

The Philatelic Foundation Seminar Series

WESTERN EXPRESS, journal of the Western Cover Society, the content and scholarship is every bit up to that oof the CRONICLE but limited to the West.

THE NEW SOUTHERN PHILATELIST by August Dietz, Richmond, Va. Vol. 1, No. 1, Nov 1924 through Vol. 9, No. 12, Oct 1933

A major US journal of the period and a landmark in Confederate Philately, the 1929 Dietz book first appeared as a series as did the Pratt Memphis monograph. Much useful material appeared in the various Dietz magazines that is not in the 1929 book or the subsequent catalogs. Some individual issues available, please inquire.

NATIONAL PHILATELIC MUSEUM, Philadelphia The first publication that we have seen is the program for the inaugural exhibition, Dec 5-19, 1948 with the last being Vol. 8, No. 1. These books cover serious information and the social side of the hobby, biographies, etc. Vol. 1, No. 8, Vol. 6, No 3 do not appear to exist but if so are not numbered, Vol 2 No. 5 is numbere No. 4 in error, we think.

NPM publications

  1. not a journals, circa 1948, Why You Should Join the NPM Now
  2. 12/5019/1948, Inauguarl Exhibition. card $7.50
  3. Vol 1, No. 1, 1949, French Centenary Exhibit, card
  4. Vol 1, No. 2, 1949, Pan-Slav Stamp Exhibition, card $5.00
  5. Vol 1, No. 3, 1949, Ireland Exhibition, card, $5.00
  6. Vol 1, No. 4, 1949, Pan Am Stamp Exhibit
  7. Vol 1, No. 5, 1949, Centennial Exhibit Belgium
  8. Vol 1, No. 6, 1949, Bavarian and German States
  9. Vol 1, No. 7, 1949, NSW & AustralianStates
  10. Vol 1, No. 8, 1949, not seen
  11. Vol 1, No. 9, 1949, SwitzerlandCentenatry Exhibit, $5.00
  12. Vol 1, No. 10, 1949, US, $7.50
  13. Vol 1, No. 11, 1949, Puerto Rico, card, $15.00, sold
  14. Vol 1, No. 12, 1950, Virgin Islands
  15. Vol 2, No. 1, 1950, Topical
  16. Vol 2, No. 2, 1950, Egypt
  17. Vol 2, No. 3, 1950, Austria
  18. Vol 2, No. 4, 1950, Indonesia, card $17.50, sold
  19. Vol 2, No. 5, (numbered in error 4), 1950, In Philately
  20. Vol 2, No. 6, 1950, 56th SPA Convention
  21. Vol 2, No. 7, 1950, Air Post, card $20.00
  22. Vol 2, No. 8, 1950, American Philatelic Congress, card, $22.50
  23. Vol 2, No. 9, 1950, Liberia, card $20.00
  24. Vol 3, No. 1, 1951, Benjamin Franklin, card $22.50
  25. Vol 3, No. 2, 1951, Topical 2nd
  26. Vol 3, No. 3, 1951, US 1851-1857
  27. Vol 4, No. 1, Netherlands, card $17.50
  28. Vol 4, No. 2, APS 1952 Convention, card $6.50
  29. Vol 4, No. 3, Germany, card, $22.50
  30. Vol 5, No. 1, Pilosophy of Collecting, $17.50
  31. Vol 5, No. 2, Topical, 2nd ATA, card $5.00
  32. Vol 5, No. 3, Women in Philately
  33. Vol 6, No. 1, SEPAD, card, $5.00
  34. Vol 6, No. 2, Postage Stamp Design, exist hard bound, card or cloth $22.50
  35. Vol 6, No. 3, not seen
  36. Vol 6, No. 4, APS Philadelphia Chapter 18, card
  37. Vol 7, No. 1, Vatican, exist hard bound, card $22.50
  38. Vol 8, No. 1, Library
  39. US Perforation Centennial 1857-1957, 1957

FFE, Fakes Forgeries Experts

FFE Vol 19 was released at the Finlandia 2017 show on May 24th, 2017, our stock is in transit, expected by June 13th, 2017 Highly recommended, am prejudice as forgeries are one of my long standing collections, all in English. Considerable emphasis on improved items, expensive stamps and covers with margins, stamps and markings added, well printed, in color. From 1998 one volume was published per year except that no volume appeared in 2016 or 2017.


Philatelic Expertizing -OPINIONS An Inside View

by The Philatelic Foundation

A major study of fraudulent material of real value.

Opinions I-V, The Complete Abstracts and Index by The Philatelic Foundation In addition to the index you have an illustrated abstract of each, article, useful for all but especially those not having a full set. 1990, 163 pages plus 8 page Definition of Terms tipped in, black cloth, $32.50

ESSAY PROOF JOURNAL, journal of the Essay Proof Society For the essay proof specialist this journal is indispensable, unfortunately complete runs are truly rare.

S.P.A. Journal, Society of Philatelic America


As of September 2, 1999 the Bureau Issue Association became the United States Stamp Society with the journal name change but a continuation of the original volume numbers.


An extremely fine journal of tremendous value to any student.